So sad

Mother Teresa said every abortion has two victims, the child and the mother.  I believe that is true, certainly for those women who struggle with guilt and regret, but even more so for those women who do not.  This woman has repented and confessed, but those who “proudly” defend their “choice” will face eternal judgment with hardened hearts.

2017_06 Abortion regret

The mother was given tablets at an abortion clinic to induce labor. She was supposed to return to the clinic to deliver the dead fetus, but she was hiding her pregnancy from her mother and went into labor at home.  She explains:

“(I) called an ambulance (my mother thought maybe my appendix had burst or something, I still hadn’t told her what was going on) and I delivered in the ambulance. When she met me at the hospital later and I had to tell her that I’d just had a baby I still pretended that I was just as surprised as she was… I said I had no idea I had been pregnant. The hospital has a special photographer that does pictures for stillborn babies and they gave me the pictures.”

If she had delivered at the abortion clinic, her daughter’s body would have been dissected for organs to sell, burned with medical waste, or simply thrown out.


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  1. Pistol Pete

    “It is a poverty that a child must die so that you may live as you wish”….Mother Theresa.