Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus

I am so proud to have Tom Reed as my representative in D.C.

Excerpt from OpEd “For 40 members of Congress, from both parties, unity is real” by Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) and Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ):

When we talk about the need for unity, let’s really mean it. It’s what the American people want. It’s what the times demand.

Earlier this year, having recognized that we shared this sentiment with many our colleagues, we decided to form a Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus.

Comprised of 20 Republicans and 20 Democrats, our aim was to create a durable bloc that could champion ideas that would appeal to a much broader spectrum of the American people—even if those ideas were anathema to people on the fringes of our parties.

We are united in the idea that there are common-sense solutions to many of the country’s toughest challenges—but partisanship keeps those solutions from making their way into law. We believe that’s bad for America.

Members of our caucus won’t agree on everything –in fact, they may not agree on most things. But we owe it to ourselves and to the American people to find bipartisan agreement wherever possible. And we should always strive to treat one another with respect and civility.

We invite our colleagues to join us in that mission.

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4 responses to “Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus

  1. Pistol Pete

    This is crap.There ARE no moderate democrats.They just come with different price tags.The Obamacare vote proved that.Democrat voters have no interest in bipartisanship.They want republican blood and broken bones.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Tom Reed is my congressman. Since Dearest is an active member of the local GOP, he has gotten to know him fairly well. He’s a good man. He says he has found 20 Democrats who are willing to sit down and talk. I honor him for trying. He also holds more townhalls than any other representative and is masterful at really listening and keeping things calm (ish). One time he had opponents doing a kind of sit in thing in the hall outside his office. He got them donuts and coffee.

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  2. Pistol Pete

    how fortunate you are.I lost my long-time congressman when the democrats gerrymandered him out in I’m stuck with that miserable RINO,backstabbing,GOP elitist wanna-be,Adam Kinzinger.Just like McCain,he sells his party out on every important decision.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      😦 We benefited from the last census reorganization when NY lost a couple seats. For reasons that escape me, the PTBs actually UNgerrymandered us! We got moved out of the district with uber liberal Ithaca (Cornell Univ) and into the Southern Tier with other working stiffs.

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