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Man if only we had government run health care!

Oh wait…

As Democrats ratchet up their violent rhetoric about how many hundreds of thousands of Americans will DIE if Republicans pass their health care bill  ::shriekwringhandstearhair::, a report has come out about how poorly the Veterans Administration did at providing health care under the allegedly compassionate leadership of Obama.

Between October 2014 and August 2015, 43% of the 225 Los Angeles VA patients who died were waiting for appointments or needed tests they never got.

2017_06 23 CBS tweet VA


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Obama’s Legacy

2017_06 24 Obama's Legacy


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Keeping Promises

On Friday, President Trump fulfilled another campaign promise when he signed a bill into law that will make it easier for the Veterans Administration to fire employees.

VA bureaucratic red tape toon

The measure speeds up the firing process, allows the agency to rescind bonuses if an employee is convicted of a felony related to his or her duties, and strengthens protections for whistle blowers.


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Newt Gingrich on Republican Karen Handel’s victory in Georgia’s 6th District Tuesday:

“Democrats said Georgia was a referendum on Trump. They’re right.”

2017_06 20 Gingrich on Handel election

From comments at Facebook:

“What? You mean the MSM is feeding us a line of crap while trying to influence elections and public thought? Who knew? I thought only the Russians did that.”


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This video is so sickening, I couldn’t watch it to the end.

Holly O’Donnell is a former procurement technician who had to harvest organs at Planned Parenthood.

She talks in the video about having to dissect an intact, well-developed, aborted baby boy whose heart was still beating.

The woman who was training her said, “This is a really good fetus, and it looks like we can procure a lot from it.”

She then asked O’Donnell to remove the baby’s brain with scissors through the baby’s face.

“I can’t even describe what that feels like,” O’Donnell said. “That was the moment I knew I couldn’t work for the company anymore…even if it was the cure for some disease.”


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Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus

I am so proud to have Tom Reed as my representative in D.C.

Excerpt from OpEd “For 40 members of Congress, from both parties, unity is real” by Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) and Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ):

When we talk about the need for unity, let’s really mean it. It’s what the American people want. It’s what the times demand.

Earlier this year, having recognized that we shared this sentiment with many our colleagues, we decided to form a Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus.

Comprised of 20 Republicans and 20 Democrats, our aim was to create a durable bloc that could champion ideas that would appeal to a much broader spectrum of the American people—even if those ideas were anathema to people on the fringes of our parties.

We are united in the idea that there are common-sense solutions to many of the country’s toughest challenges—but partisanship keeps those solutions from making their way into law. We believe that’s bad for America.

Members of our caucus won’t agree on everything –in fact, they may not agree on most things. But we owe it to ourselves and to the American people to find bipartisan agreement wherever possible. And we should always strive to treat one another with respect and civility.

We invite our colleagues to join us in that mission.

Read the rest @



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Violent Rhetoric

Dems can’t follow their own advice to tone down the rhetoric in the name of not encouraging extremists to get violent.

After the Senate’s health care bill came out, Bernie Sanders tweeted,

2017_06 23 Sanders tweet

In other “Democrats go lower” news …

  • Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this bill, they’re the death party.”
  • Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy tweeted, “No tweaks by amendment can fix this monstrosity. If you vote for this evil, intellectually bankrupt bill, it will ruin millions of lives.”
  • A Rolling Stone writer really jumped the shark with this tweeted absurdity: “Trump and the Republicans want to pass a bill that would kill far more Americans than ISIS and al Qaeda could ever dream about.”

Never mind that approximately 6.5 million uninsured Americans were forced to pay $3 billion in penalties to the IRS because they couldn’t afford Obamacare plans.

And never mind that 18 of the 23 Obamacare co-ops have collapsed.

And also never mind that the only (born) Americans I’ve heard of who actually died because of a Democrat-run health care program were veterans who couldn’t get appointments at the VA.



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News Notes

2017_06 23 Trump DOW toon

TRUMP ECONOMY: The Dow Jones and Stock Market are trading near record highs into June 2017.


GOOD NEWS! Rep. Scalise and Matt Mika, the two most grievously injured persons from the shooting, have both been moved out of the ICU.


TRADE WITH CHINA: China opened its gates to US beef imports this week, giving American cattle farmers much sought-after access to the country’s massive market following a 14-year ban…. Announced last month, the lifting of the beef embargo was one of the first concrete results of trade discussions that began when Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Donald Trump.


RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously to allow a Mississippi law to go into effect that protects the religious liberty and conscience rights of those who hold traditional marriage beliefs. The broad-based law provides religious liberty protections to religious organizations, universities, bakers, photographers, florists, and more.



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