The Hyperpolitical Left is Having a Very Bad Day

I’m guessing these two stories are confusing the dickens out of hyperpolitical Leftists and that neither will make it to the MSM, Leftist Talk Shows, or Twitter.

An illegal man from south of the border brutally murdered a Muslim girl in what police have described as an incident of road rage. My heart goes out to the spirit of that poor girl and to her loved ones who have to somehow process the idea of their lovely teen being battered to death with a baseball bat.

In other, much less tragic news, three black female college students who had claimed they were assaulted by a group of white men have been convicted and sentenced for filing a false report.

Last year, the so-called hate crime was whipped into the usual hyperpolitical frenzy by the Left. There was a Twitter hashtag campaign #DefendBlackGirlsUAlbany and protest marches at the school featuring a large number of political activist speakers, especially those from the local Black Lives Matter chapter. NFL players, rap singers, and Hillary Clinton all jumped in to make political hay off the purported hate crime that never happened.

2016_02 Fake hate crime


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