It’s a Gray and Rainy Monday

Be still and know that I am

Continued prayers for Rep. Steve Scalise, whose condition has been upgraded to serious following additional surgery, and for his family, friends, and medical team. May God grant them strength and skill and peace. Amen.

Prayers for the sailors who lost their lives on the USS Fitzgerald and for their families and friends. May God have mercy on their souls and grant them peace. Amen.

We’ve witnessed a comedian holding up a severed ‘head’ of the President, and a Shakespeare play where Trump is assassinated instead of Caesar, then last week’s attempted massacre of GOP politicians. No matter, Senator Elizabeth Warren says: “Donald, you ain’t seen nasty yet.” Real classy, Senator Warren.

Today, President Donald J. Trump will host a working session with technology leaders in the private sector to develop creative solutions that will streamline government services. Modernizing government is an enormous undertaking and requires the best minds working in concert toward providing services that are effective and cost-efficient.

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