5 Reasons

Obamacare has failed us.

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1. Costs keep rising.

From 2010 to 2016, family premiums for employer-sponsored plans increased an average of $4,372.

2. Choice and competition keep shrinking.

Of the 23 nonprofit health insurers created through Obamacare, 17 have collapsed and one has changed its status to for-profit. Taxpayers loaned more than $2 billion to these companies that will never be repaid.

This year, 70% of U.S. counties have only one or two insurers offering coverage on the exchange. Next year, it’ll be worse.

3. If you like your plan and the government doesn’t, you can’t keep it.

As soon as the rules took effect, at least 4.7 million plans were canceled.

4. Imposing $800 billion in tax hikes.

Obamacare created or increased many different taxes that will total more than $800 billion over the next decade to offset the new entitlement spending in the law.

5. Expanding an already unsustainable Medicaid program.

Medicaid has longstanding issues that left its beneficiaries with limited access to care. Rather than reforming the program, Obamacare made the problem worse by adding millions of new recipients to the rolls.

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