Be Careful What You Ask For

2017_06 13 Donald Trump tweet

2017_06 13 CNN replies to Trump

Tweeters jumped in, naming 18 separate stories that fit the bill:

1. Comey wasn’t granted more resources for investigation.
2. Comey will say he didn’t tell Trump he wasn’t under investigation.
3. Trump is going to live tweet during Comey hearing.
4. Trump is under investigation by the FBI.
5. Trump pulled the MLK bust out of WH.
6. Carter Paige colluded with Russia.
7. Trump dossier is true.
8. Trump had two scoops of ice cream.
9. Flynn is spilling the beans on Trump.
10.Trump will fire Spicer.
11. Hillary has 90% chance of winning.
12. Comey is a Boy Scout and apolitical.
13. Trump fired Comey over investigation.
14. Trump has no path to 270.
15. Donna Brazile didn’t give debate q’s to Hillary.
16.Hillary didn’t say she wanted open borders in a speech.
17. Mnuchin foreclosed on a widow over 27 cents.
18. Nancy Sinatra is unhappy re: Trump using father’s song at inauguration.


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