Dem Group Faces Felony Fraud Charges

The Indiana Voter Registration Project, its manager, and 11 workers face felony charges for submitting voter registrations for people who didn’t exist, people who didn’t fill out the forms, a felon, a non-U.S. citizen, a minor, a woman who lived in Florida, and three dead people.

2017_06 Indiana Voter Registration Project toon

Supervisors were paid $50 to $75 a day to meet their quotas “by any means necessary” and canvassers were pressured to collect 10 applications per shift or risk losing their jobs.

  • One canvasser told police she and a fellow employee would pay homeless people with cigarettes if they would fill out voter registration forms during their shifts.
  • Another canvasser admitted he went to the public library and looked up information in a phone book to complete his forms.

The group’s activities caused problems for some voters whose information was used without their permission. One man told detectives he experienced trouble voting because his name was listed four times in the county’s voter rolls.

It is not clear who established or funded the Indiana Voter Registration Project. However, the group’s spokeswoman was a strategist for the presidential campaigns of Al Gore, Howard Dean, and Chris Dodd, and its payroll information traces to a company that has done voter turnout work for labor unions and Democrat campaign committees.


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