Nobody ever died for the Easter Bunny

When Christians would rather die than renounce Jesus, it speaks to the power ordinary people discover in Christ.

Jesus vs Easter Bunny

On May 26, 2017, a group of Coptic Christians, including parents, grandparents, and children, were traveling to a monastery to pray.

Their vehicles were stopped and surrounded by terrorists outside the town of Minya, about 140 miles south of Cairo, Egypt.

Some of the passengers were forced to exit the bus one by one. As each reached the door, a masked gunman asked, “Are you Muslim?”

None of them were.

Each was then given a chance to renounce Jesus Christ and convert to Islam.

When they refused, they were killed.

The attackers sprayed the other bus with automatic gunfire, then boarded it and killed the men, robbed the women of their jewelry and phones, and left Islamist leaflets among the bodies.

In total, 26 were killed and 25 wounded in the attack.



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