The Day After Comey’s Testimony

My email is chock full of summaries and commentaries. I’ll try to condense it down to the best few bits.

2017_06 08 Comey testimony by Branco

THE BIG PICTURE: Trump’s distrust of Comey was vindicated by what we now know about Comey.

  • Comey confirmed, again, that even as of his last day in office, Donald Trump was not personally the subject of FBI investigation, neither criminal nor counter-intelligence.
    • Despite media claims otherwise, this fact was not deemed worthy of public disclosure by Comey. IOW, he was happy to let Trump twist in the winds of misleading and false media claims.
  • Comey stated that a key New York Times report asserting Trump campaign collusion was substantively false.
    • Much of the Democrat and media frenzy over the past several months was based on this article.
  • Trump didn’t try to impede the Russia investigation.
    • In fact, he actually encouraged Comey to find out and expose whether any of Trump’s campaign “satellites” engaged in wrongdoing.
  • Comey arranged for a friend of his to leak a memo of his conversation with Trump about Michael Flynn to the NY Times.
    • That memo apparently has not even been given to the Senate Intelligence Committee.
    • The leaking of this memo may put Comey himself in legal jeopardy.
  • Comey admitted that then Attorney General Loretta Lynch pressured him to downplay the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server to assist Clinton’s election efforts.
    • Comey admitted that he succumbed to Lynch’s pressure.
    • This should result in both a re-opened investigation of Hillary’s server and also a new investigation of Lynch.

SUMMARY: The so-called “resistance” is based totally on lies. It is and always has been nothing more than an attempt to undermine Trump’s ability to govern. It and not Trump’s presidency are the true threat to our electoral and representative system.



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  1. After eight years of Barack Obama, I can very well imagine James Comey and Loretta Lynch in prison stripes (and Obama is Republicans had a set).

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  2. chrissythehyphenated

    NBC News’ Chuck Todd tweeted:

    Hope folks who keep saying it was a “good day” for X or Y realize that nothing about today was good for anyone, period.

    In Chuck Todd Land, “everyone who matters” = Democrats and their lapdog media.

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  3. chrissythehyphenated

    James Woods tweeted:

    So we learned that neither the Russians nor @nytimes succeeded in fixing the election. We know they both tried, however…

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