Obama sneers at America AGAIN

Mark Steyn makes some really good points in this interview.


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3 responses to “Obama sneers at America AGAIN

  1. Outstanding interview between two geniuses. Thanks for this, Chrissy. I’d missed it entirely, despite spending a lot of time in the hospital (keeping Solaratov company) watching Fox News on the monitors. Mark Steyn really has a way of distilling everything down to a few powerful words.

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    • Pistol Pete

      When you have something important to say it often doesn’t take many words.I rarely have anything significant to say but waste a lot of bandwidth saying it.Prayers up for Solaratov.

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      • Not at all, Pete. You always use just the right amount of bandwidth in what you say, and you’re getting better and better all the time! I always appreciate your analysis and news commentary. Sorry I don’t comment on it and praise it more often.

        Good luck on that fishing trip with RJ!!

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