You can’t be Socialist and Catholic


Socialism is a system of government under which private property does not exist, economic initiative and free markets are discouraged, and the rights and duties of private families and of churches are suppressed.

These are antithetical to Catholic teaching.  

David Deaval explains why in “The Catholic Church on the Seven Deadly Sins of Socialism” @

Socialism truncates the human person, focusing only on the care of the body while ignoring the needs of the soul.

Socialism emphasizes the needs of the state while denying the rights of the family.  Catholic teaching says the state exists for the family.

Socialism promotes class warfare. Its concept of society is utterly foreign to Christianity.

Socialism tramples on the sacred human right to private property and thwarts our right to take economic initiative. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states bluntly, “Everyone has the right to economic initiative; everyone should make legitimate use of his talents to contribute to the abundance that will benefit all, and to harvest the just fruits of his labor.” (2429)

Socialism focuses on justice.  Christianity focuses on love.

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