Sorry, but this bothers me

I don’t care that her pants don’t fit, though I think the UK Daily Mail is absurd to call those pants “glamorous.”  The Obamas are millionaires, so she can easily afford to have her clothes made to fit. But if she chooses to wear uncomfortable, stupid-looking clothes, I guess that’s her business.

I do care, however, that she chose to wore an absurdly inappropriate top to visit the Duomo de Siena (Siena Cathedral).  After all the finger-wagging lectures she and her husband have given the rest of us about tolerance yada yada yada, her top showed remarkably little RESPECT for the traditions of my faith.

2017_05 22 Michelle Obama at Duomo



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8 responses to “Sorry, but this bothers me

  1. hocuspocus13

    You can’t buy “class” 😊

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  2. “absurdly inappropriate” I’m trying to ignore our former Temp Agency President and his fashion impaired wife. If only they and Hillary would just go away.

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  3. She looks like a skank from the hood. Moochelle didn’t even have enough respect for the fact that she and Hussein Obama were representing the USA. Even worse, she showed so little respect to the Vatican, the Pope and Christianity, no doubt intentionally. This is the same witch who covers up to enter a mosque.

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