What journalists are supposed to do

On CNN’s Reliable Sources, Bob Schieffer reported the glaringly obvious truth that President Trump gave a good speech in Saudi Arabia.

Schieffer is an old-school newsman. There’s no doubt that the former Face the Nation host leans left, but he is still capable of reporting, you know, the news. That is too much for denizens of the modern MSM to tolerate.

Guest host John Berman had to push back: “You know, Bob, though, that there will be people who look at that last comment you made and say you’re normalizing the president.”

Schieffer gave the perfect response. He wasn’t trying to normalize Trump, he was trying to do what reporters are supposed to do: REPORT.

The fact that Berman could chastise Schieffer for “normalizing” the American president should be all the proof any thinking person needs of how totally corrupt new-school journalists have become.



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