They’re Not Leakers

2017 Trump Collusion Club by Branco

I’ve been thinking that it’s inappropriate to use “leakers” to describe the Obama holdovers who keep feeding lies to the MSM.

When you have a leak, real stuff comes out. 

  • Leaky pipes leak water.
  • Leaky veins leak blood.

But what’s coming from these “shadow government” creeps isn’t real stuff.  It’s just lie after lie after lie.

Methinks the correct term for both the Slime Stream Press and for their anonymous sources is slanderers.

Slander:  The crime of making a false statement damaging to a person’s reputation.


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16 responses to “They’re Not Leakers

  1. barnslayer

    Sorry for barging in, but has anyone heard from Grunt lately? It looks like he’s done with his blog and he didn’t answer my email.

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    • Haven’t heard a peep out of him in ages. I’ve been wondering what happened, hoping that he’s just been extra busy with work and family.


    • You’re not ‘barging in’,Barn.You’re most welcome anytime.Haven’t heard anything from Grunt.He usually has something to say over at Diannys or Curmudgeons.

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    • freedom1781

      He has a new email address and is moving to Virginia, not far from the Freedom family. 😃 Sol is staying with Grunt and Gruntessa in Colorado right now. He’s been having a rough time, had to go to the hospital for dehydration. I sent him a card and DD wrote him a letter to try to cheer him up a little.

      I’ll email Grunt to let him ​know to email you.

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    • freedom1781

      Barn, I replied to you below. I forgot to hit reply before I started typing so it didn’t post correctly.

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    • Hey Barn! I’m sorry about that. I got your email on the new gmail account, but I’ve probably just been slow to respond. I’ll check that right away. Work and Sol and family stuff have kept me crazy busy. I just flew to Michigan to visit our new grandson today, in fact.

      Freedom’s right. Sol really appreciated your prayers and your DD’s artwork, Freedom! We’ll be heading to the new place in Virginia tomorrow.

      The blogging’s over for me, I’m afraid. Too many bad experiences. Made lots of good friends, though. Good luck to you all with it. Y’all were always better at it than me!

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      • Grunt– good to see you after people have been asking after you.

        I subscribe to your site, but, must admit, don’t always follow every word. Youve got a nice commentership. That’s a nice thing.

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        • Thanks, Buddy! If you check the “Goodbye, Blogosphere” post over on my site, you’ll specifically see your name thanked, as well as Barn and Freedom and Chrissy and Pete and Ting and Bob and Alison and Frankly and Jane and many more. Thanks for the good times, Folks!


      • barnslayer

        Thanks all for the welcoming and info!

        Grunt, Sorry for the bad timing. It sounds like you’ve got a whole lot on your plate. I was just concerned regarding your farewell at your blog.
        Congrats on your move to a freer state!
        Best wishes and above all, prayers for Sol.

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      • Ting

        I was wondering where you have been. Sorry to hear about all of Sol’s troubles. I hope to see you round about the Commonwealth.

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        • We just arrived back in the commonwealth today, and it’s wet and rainy as ever! Deep water slowing on I-64 near Newport News from the torrential rains. It’s been doing the same thing in Colorado, strangely, but I can’t complain. The spring greenery will be amazing! Sol is hanging in there. Still paying close attention to politics (like the Trump trip to Isreal), as always.

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