Take a chill pill, Anti-Trumpers

2017_05 19 Outrage du jour by Terrell

The following is from Catholic Vote:

The facts at present are plain: ongoing investigations by Congress and the FBI have yet to uncover any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. And those responsible for pursuing the truth have repeatedly affirmed that their investigations continue, unencumbered, as they should.

The appointment of Robert Mueller now allows a widely respected former FBI Director to carry out a fair and responsible investigation without the hysterics we’ve seen the past few days. If there is evidence of criminal activity, obstruction of justice, or collusion with Russia, then the facts will eventually emerge — and appropriate action should be taken.

Until then … we must resist calls to bring the government to a halt over speculation and anonymous leaks. Talk of impeachment at this juncture is simply reckless. The public deserves facts, not partisan hit jobs. 


  • I got the quotation from a Catholic Vote email, so there’s no link.

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One response to “Take a chill pill, Anti-Trumpers

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Trump says he ‘respects’ the decision to appoint a special counsel, but he regarded the media attacks as a ‘witch hunt.’ Regarding the allegations on a connection between Russia and his campaign, Trump said: “There was no collusion, and everybody — even my enemies have said there is no collusion.”