The Long Knives Are Never Sheathed

In the latest assault on the President by the enemy that is sworn to destroy him, word leaked just in time for the 6:00 news that Donald Trump may have shared classified information during the latest meeting with Russian officials. In their normal style, akin to swatting flies with a bazooka, all the usual suspects have turned a leak by “unnamed sources” into yet another constitutional crisis.

From the oh-so-reliable Washington Post:
Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador
President Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in a White House meeting last week, according to current and former U.S. officials, who said Trump’s disclosures jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State.

Are We Watching an Attempted Coup: Out in the Open and in Slow Motion?
Some in the Intelligence Community Have Turned on the WH,
Democrats and the Media Their Useful Idiots
Citing anonymous officials, the Post claims that Trump revealed to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak unspecified yet high-value information provided by a unidentified partner in the fight against the Islamic State, potentially jeopardizing operations against ISIS and compromising U.S. intelligence sources. The president reportedly revealed information surrounding an ISIS plot.
White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, the only identified source in WaPo’s report, denies that the president leaked information the U.S. government deemed classified. McMaster, who participated in the meeting, told the Post.

Trump Revealed Highly Classified Information To Russian Foreign Minister And Ambassador
Note the reporters were quoting “current and former [Obama] officials. Besides Trump, Lavrov and Kislyak, the only other officials present during the meeting were NSA head H.R. McMaster, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategy Dina Powell. All three have adamantly declared the story false.

Fakest Fake News Yet From The Washington ComPost
They open with a statement from McMasters that says ‘nothing happened’ other than normal routine discussion. The ComPost then swings over to a convenient ex-Obama staffer who proceeds to outline all the issues that may occur IF Trump had said anything on classified intel…and then gloms the two together as “officials” who concur. It’s Bullshit. The rest is the usual WAPOO mattress stuffing of every little thing the president has done that made them cry – and the comments below are blooming with calls for the guillotine and similar liberal dreams.


Did Washington Post Just Publish Its 4th Major #FakeNews Story in Last Week?

The Washington Post has had a very busy week. The DC paper has published screaming headline after headline that turn out to be complete trash. Even the National Enquirer would be red-faced after at this point.
It’s as if the WaPo will print anything for clicks. They’ve become a click-bait site. What a disgrace.
Here are the four completely inaccurate reports published by the Trump-bashing Washington Post this past week:
1.) The Washington Post was completely off in their fake news reports last week Comey asking for more funds to investigate Trump before he was fired.
2.) The Washington Post was wrong about Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein threatening to resign
3.) The Washington Post claimed Sean Spicer was “hiding in the bushes.”
4.) The Washington Post accuses President Trump of releasing top secret information to the Russians during his meeting in the White House last week.


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18 responses to “The Long Knives Are Never Sheathed

  1. Pistol Pete

    Trump White House to Be Lit Blue in Honor of Peace Officers’ Memorial Day

    In previous years, the White House has been lit up in various colors to celebrate or honor particular causes that presidents supported. For example, Trump lit the White House blue in early April to honor World Autism Awareness Day.

    However, some presidents have been criticized for not lighting up the White House. Former President Barack Obama came under fire in July 2016 for refusing to light the White House blue in support of law enforcement after five officers were slain in Dallas, Texas. Nate Catura, president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, called Obama’s decision “outrageous.”
    But Obama did illuminate the White House in rainbow colors in celebration of the Supreme Court ruling that allowed same-sex couples to get married in June 2016.


  2. Pistol Pete

    Miss DC wins Miss USA Pageant After Dissing Man-Hating Feminism – Social Justice Warriors Suffer Meltdown

    The beauty works in the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission as a chemist.

    Tonight during the question and answer section Kara told the audience healthcare is a privilege and not a right and that creating jobs is important. She said feminism is man-hating



  3. Pistol Pete

    Saturday Edition of ESPN’s ‘SportsCenter’ Sponsored by MSNBC

    ESPN has come under criticism for increased emphasis on left-leaning political commentary, with some conservatives arguing it’s the cause of its ongoing financial woes. ESPN’s public editor addressed the issue last year, saying even insiders felt a liberal slant at the network had a “stifling effect on discourse inside the company and has affected its public-facing products.”

    However, ESPN owes much of its recent layoffs to dwindling cable subscriber numbers and expensive rights fees for major sporting events.


  4. Pistol Pete

    After Prison Release, Chelsea Manning Will Remain on Active Duty, Receive Healthcare Benefits

    Pvt. Chelsea Manning, whose sentence was commuted in former President Obama’s final days in office, will remain an active duty, unpaid soldier upon being released May 17 from military prison.

    Manning, who was convicted of espionage for leaking national security secrets, will also be eligible for healthcare and other benefits.


  5. Pistol Pete

    Progressives openly signaling the arrival of political violence as a tactic to obtain power
    The message is being sent out loud and clear: the American left is moving toward violence as a tactic in its quest to grab the political power to which it believes it is entitled. John Daniel Davidson is absolutely correct in his observation that the “The American Left is talking itself into Violence.”

    We face a threatening situation: large numbers of people have become deranged with TDS, and among them, it is statistically certain there will be people inclined to violence due to what we might call pre-existing conditions: crazies looking for a cause or a trigger.

    Trump Haters CHEER As Man Savages Republican Congressman At NJ Town Hall

    Note to R’s —-> If your town hall is gonna be anything like this, just don’t have one.
    Watch these Trump haters get whipped up into a frenzy. This was in New Jersey with Republican Congressman Tom MacAuthur

    Like most town halls this week, the event was thoroughly documented on Twitter thanks to a number of reporters in attendance. The forum was contentious from the outset, with protestors arriving hours before the town hall to stage a “die-in”:

    MacArthur was determined to face all of his constituents, reportedly telling them he would be answering questions for “as long as it goes.” It didn’t go very long before the crowd heckled him during a story about his daughter.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Kudos to my congressman, Tom Reed, who keeps on keeping on with frequent town halls. When some of the opposition squatted in the hall outside his office, he sent them donuts and coffee. He is one of the classiest politicians I’ve ever had the pleasure to be represented by.

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  6. Pistol Pete

    The View Hag Joy Behar: Trump Voters Hate Poor Kids



  7. Pistol Pete

    Obama: Not Bombing Syria ‘Required The Most Political Courage’

    Yup, being afraid to do anything to to cross Putin takes a whole lot of courage.
    Sending troops into harm’s way was “the hardest issue that I dealt with,” Obama said, adding that seeing and knowing people younger than Schlossberg, 24, “would be in a really dangerous situation, that was tough.”

    “But I actually think that the issue that required the most political courage was the decision not to bomb Syria after the chemical weapons use had been publicized and rather to negotiate them removing chemical weapons from Syria,” Obama said.


  8. Pistol Pete

    DNC Chair Perez: Dems Will Retake Both Chambers of Congress in 2018
    Monday on Bloomberg TV, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez predicted because of what he called a GOP overreach, the Democratic Party would retake both chambers of Congress in 2018.

    Perez said, “What Republicans have to do is understand is that we need a budget that reflects our values. When you try to cut Meals on Wheels, when you cut investments in education, when you propose to cut the budget of the National Institute of Health by billion dollars, you are cutting that lifeline of research investment that saves lives.


  9. Pistol Pete

    Gloria Steinem: Forced Childbirth ‘The Fundamental Cause Of Climate Change’

    Lack of ready access to abortion is the primary cause of global warming, according to a new interview with radical feminist Gloria Steinem.

    The founder of Ms. magazine had no trouble linking two of the emblematic leftist causes into one mega issue, arguing that lack of access to “reproductive health services” leads to overpopulation, which in turn causes the earth to warm uncontrollably.


    • By Gloria’s logic, the U.S. should be funding ISIS and Kim Jong Un and Boko Haram and Bashar Assad and everyone else in the business of lowering carbon footprints to zero. That will solve the climate crisis!


  10. Pistol Pete

    Mizzou Bloodbath Continues: Massive Layoffs Coming As Enrollment Craters

    The University of Missouri is closing seven dorms next year because of a massive enrollment plunge, and now the austerity is extending to the campus bureaucracy.
    Mizzou has already said it is expecting its smallest freshman class in two decades. The enrollment drop discussed Monday is the first estimate pertaining to the the school’s entire enrollment.
    The loss of students would result in about $16.6 million less in revenue. Leaders hope to make up about $7 million of that through a 2.1 percent increase in tuition.


  11. “Are We Watching an Attempted Coup: Out in the Open and in Slow Motion?”

    Very much so, seems t’me.

    The Left v Trump is just another facet of the war that’s been going on since a certain formerly heavenly character fell and dragged a ton of folks down with him. Troublemakers gotta troublemake.

    Once WW2 went hot for the USA after Pearl Harbor, you didn’t hear so much from those who favored the Nazis, or opposed war generally. What we are seeing now, even worldwide, seems to me to be a similar time of choosing, prelude to that saving the wheat, burning the chaff thing. No more fence-sitting.

    Or maybe it’s just another day on this wacky world.