MSNBC’s Most Documented Liar Moans That We Don’t Believe Him

Where oh where did I put my teeny weeny violin?

2017_05 15 Williams moans




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5 responses to “MSNBC’s Most Documented Liar Moans That We Don’t Believe Him

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Bob, the forget-me-nots are beautiful!

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    • Thanks! My husband took that photograph in our yard. 🙂


      • chrissythehyphenated

        We had some volunteers spring up in the grass under the apple tree this year. I’m thinking bird poo. We’re expanding and sprucing up the no-grass circle under the tree this summer. When we’re done, I want to plant foreget-me-nots there on purpose and see if they grow. I’ve never put anything under that tree that did. It’s a nutrient hog and makes lots of shade. But since they’re growing in the grass … maybe! I LOVE them.

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        • Forget-me-nots like shade, and so do violets. We have a shady spot on the west side of our house where I have been trying for years to get various blooming things to grow — things that supposedly do well in areas that don’t get a lot of light — but the only things that I’ve had much luck with have been violets and forget-me-nots. The violets are my favorites, but their bloom season is very short. They’re at their peak right now and they are beautiful.


          • chrissythehyphenated

            I also have some violet volunteers in the lawn. I think they’re both from the neighbor who has some impressive beds of each in their shady front yard.

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