It’s Monday

2017_05 12 WH hosts mil families

It makes sense to be proud of something you’ve worked hard to accomplish. Being proud of something you just are is silly.

I’m proud of my college degree, but I merely enjoy having naturally curly hair and green eyes.  As for my pasty white skin that burns painfully with little provocation … I’d just as soon have some natural melanin!

Pride on Wikipedia

Cry, Baby. Cry. Then clean out your ears.  LOL

Binary tshirt



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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    BREAKING NEWS! I just walked a mile. WOOHOO!!

    For the ill informed and somewhat forgetful, last June/July, I couldn’t get from my bed to the bathroom. In August, I swapped out the wheelchair for a walker. Since then, I’ve slowly been working at walking farther and more often. For a while now, I’ve been at half a mile pretty close to daily, but was still getting jelly legs for the last 1/3 or so. Today, I just motored right on to do a mile and only got jelly legs for the last two houses. !!

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  2. Order your “only two genders” t-shirt in M or F version.


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  3. The race pride definitions…

    Just read this comment over at Ace:

    Wikitionary has Blacksplain and Whitesplain


    Of a black person in a group with non-black people: to be required to explain some concept which is very common in black culture but unknown to non-black members of the group.


    To explain (something) condescendingly to one who is not Caucasian, especially regarding race relations or minority behavior, presuming the listener’s inferior understanding because of their race.

    Both mean stuplid whitey!

    (Just like “black power” v “white power,” or “women’s rights” v “men’s rights”!!)

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