Crack Journalism Uncovers Major WH Scandal

BREAKING:  White House waiters serve POTUS and VPOTUS what they like to eat!  

Plus, Trump likes Thousand Island dressing AND gets two scoops of ice cream!

2017_05 11 Frum on WH waiters
David Frum apparently broke this story, but CNN decided it needed to be broadcast with its own chyron and everything.

2017_05 11 CNN on Trump's ice cream

My favorite comments from Twitchy:

This is almost as good as their headline about Trump being afraid of stairs. #soridiculous

Remember that time President Obama flew in a pizza chef?

TWO scoops?  The elitist horror!

I can only assume Frump DOESN’T know that King Putt got everything he wanted at dinnertime, too.

Wait, what?  He eats Thousand Island dressing?!  That’s like RUSSIAN dressing!!  This is a Constitutional Crisis.

All the presidents before him got a bowl of plain oatmeal and tap water, plus one ice cube in the summer that had to last them three months.

My 6 and 8 year old daughters used to whine over who got more or less dessert too … but then they matured.



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4 responses to “Crack Journalism Uncovers Major WH Scandal

  1. I dub this #PresidentialPrivilegeGate – worse than Nixon!

    Two scoops? IMPEACH!

    Or was that two scoops of peach?

    You know who else gets two scoops? Kim Jong Un. That’s right. But so does everyone else, because communism = totally fair, maan!

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  2. Pistol Pete

    Funny you should mention that
    MSM Compares Trump To Nixon After Firing James Comey


  3. Dang, reading this is making me hungry. I’m gonna go make some ice cream.

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