The Belfast Bakers

In 2014, a Christian bakery was charged with discrimination after declining to make a cake supporting gay marriage.

In 2015, the court found them guilty and fined them for causing “injury to feelings.”  The bakery owners, Daniel and Amy McArthur, a husband and wife team, appealed.

The U.K. Supreme Court has scheduled a hearing for October 2017 to consider taking up the case.

However, there is more to the story.  In 2015, the company posted profits of £1.3 million.  In 2016, their profits rose to £1.5 million.

  • The rise in U.S. dollars is approximately $220,000.
  • The company owes approximately $163,000 in legal fees.

Ashers General Manager speaks ahead of court appeal



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2 responses to “The Belfast Bakers

  1. Causing “injury to feelings” is a criminal offense? Sheesh! Boo piddly puddly hoo, po’ babies!

    If I could sue everyone who ever hurt my precious feewings, or tried to, I’d be neck-deep in legal battles – mostly against family members.

    Even better, can I sue all the folks responsible for the flood of sex-confused commercials and same-sex smooching in tv shows? Don’t my big old white male feelings count? Hmmmm?


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