Modesty is and always has been a holy virtue

This is no doubt why the God-hating keepers of our cultural swamp are so determined to violate it at every turn.

“Women should adorn themselves modestly and appropriately and sensibly.” 1 Timothy 2:9

This morning, I turned off a YouTube video about gut health, because it repeatedly superimposed the illustrative gut graphics on to a photograph of a nude female.

While I grant you the woman had a lovely belly, I saw zero reason for using a nude photograph rather than a drawing, particularly one that showed high enough to reveal the lower third of the woman’s breasts and low enough to make it clear she had waxed her pubic area.

Also this morning, I happened across a discussion of how prevalent pornographic sex scenes have become in mainstream broadcast television entertainment.

Everybody, it seems, has decided to play a game together, wherein we all pretend that viewing naked people simulating sexual intercourse on camera is as neutral an activity as watching the sun rise or contemplating the lotus flower.

If, on the other hand, you violate the rules of this game by confessing your unease, then the game dictates that everybody contemptuously dismiss your concerns with the barely concealed suggestion that your unease reveals a troubling lack of self-control and possible latent psychopathic sexual tendencies.

When I studied the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, I noticed that the Roman culture became decadent in this way way not long before it failed.  Christians need to uphold, practice, and celebrate modesty as the virtue it is.

Dress modestly



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