Debunking the 97% Climate Lie

Fossil Fuel Use is Good for Humans

Climate activists want to make the vast majority of fossil fuel use illegal.  To justify this poverty-inducing plan, they repeat the lie that 97% of climate scientists agree with them.

TRUE:  Climate scientists DO agree that there has been a global warming trend over the past 150 years.  Some of them even concede that human beings have contributed to it.

HOWEVER, the warming trend has been tiny (0.8 degrees C), it started before the rise of man-made CO2, and it has abated in recent years even as CO2 levels have continued to rise.

1850-2012 Global temps and CO2

LIE:  The “97% of climate scientists believe we should restrict fossil fuels” lie was invented by a guy who wants to limit fossil fuel use.  He did it by cherry picking a bunch of climate papers and falsely reporting that 97% of them agreed with him.

According to the article linked below, far from going full on Al Gore about fossil fuel use, only a relative handful of the cherry picked papers even endorse the view that human emissions of greenhouse gases are more than 50% responsible for the small amount of warming we’ve seen over the past 150 years.

The author quotes one of the scientists whose papers were included in the bogus survey. He reported that only 10 of his 122 eligible papers had been included, nine of which were rated incorrectly as to what he really said.



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2 responses to “Debunking the 97% Climate Lie

  1. Cody Rashkow

    It seems strange that you could debunk anything in science. Of course we all know that if a scientist publishes a paper it is met with intense scientific scrutiny by fellow scientists in the field who will attempt to recreate the study and test the reliability and accuracy of such findings. The goal of all science is understand the natural world by using a universal method and process and only through inquiry and deduction can we hope to understand anything. A great teacher told me that we never prove anything in science, but we are able to rule out the impossible to the point that all remains is the possible. So I wonder how anyone can dispute what data and numbers are saying, and how those conclusions could relate to any other explanation. The scientists doing the work have already spent the time to eliminate all other possibilities that would point to some natural cause for climate change, and all that remains is human interaction with the environment. You can deny what their research shows, but its the same argument as denying photosynthesis or evolution. If you know what’s really happening, then perform an experiment, publish it, and allow your findings to be scrutinized by the scientists in the field. 97% is just a number, what’s more alarming, is that I can’t find any other reputable, intelligent explanations for why the climate is changing, since the changes observed are unprecedented. It would appear that anyone that doesn’t understand climate change as a result of manmade interactions with the planet, does not understand the basic foundations of science. Even if we had other factors, the science is necessary to identify what is going on, and most people that are deniers are not able to make a sound argument for why it can’t be man made or even another hypothesis grounded in reality.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      You really haven’t given much serious attention to the so-called deniers. As for science being unassailable, have you heard of politics?