A True Gentleman

Hillary is still bitching about losing.  The richest bit is where she blames “unfair treatment by the media.”

Yeah, right.

Media Research Center analysts evaluated biased statements made about the two candidates by network reporters and found:

Clinton: 184 opinionated statements = 39% positive vs. 79% negative.
Trump:  623 opinionated statements =  9% positive vs. 90% negative.

2017_05 02 Hillary still whining
It’s truly amazing to compare Hillary’s post-election behavior with the previous presidential loser, Mitt Romney.

Although he was savaged by the press, he never blamed anyone for his loss.  He just told the country to unite and went back to his life.




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3 responses to “A True Gentleman

  1. jbob45

    Why me? Whiny me! That’s why. Soon as HRC realizes nobody’s buying her act, she puts on a new disguise. Once a whiner, always, nothing masks that.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Obama was/is the same way, taking credit for the accomplishments of others while casting blame for failures entirely his own.


  2. William

    She was a victim of misogyny? An ironic statement considering she is a sexist. There is a blog post that linked to her own presidential website showing she was running a campaign based on sexism.
    She is a prima donna

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