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A True Gentleman

Hillary is still bitching about losing.  The richest bit is where she blames “unfair treatment by the media.”

Yeah, right.

Media Research Center analysts evaluated biased statements made about the two candidates by network reporters and found:

Clinton: 184 opinionated statements = 39% positive vs. 79% negative.
Trump:  623 opinionated statements =  9% positive vs. 90% negative.

2017_05 02 Hillary still whining
It’s truly amazing to compare Hillary’s post-election behavior with the previous presidential loser, Mitt Romney.

Although he was savaged by the press, he never blamed anyone for his loss.  He just told the country to unite and went back to his life.



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Not surprising at all

2017_05 Obama speaking fees by Branco

Even the New York Times criticized Obama’s Big Fat Speaking Fee, though the OpEd demonstrated an astonishing level of naivté:

Senator Barack Obama wrote in 2006: “I know that as a consequence of my fund-raising I became more like the wealthy donors I met. I spent more and more of my time above the fray, outside the world of immediate hunger, disappointment, fear, irrationality, and frequent hardship of … the people that I’d entered public life to serve.”

Is it a betrayal of that sentiment for the former president to have accepted a reported $400,000 to speak to a Wall Street firm? Perhaps not, but it is disheartening that a man whose historic candidacy was premised on a moral examination of politics now joins almost every modern president in cashing in. And it shows surprising tone deafness.

“Disheartening”?  “Surprisng tone deafness?”  I’m sorry, but what planet exactly have these people been on?!  Sheesh.


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Trump hopes to send Democrats to Mars by end of first term

From The Barbed Wire.

WASHINGTON – Speaking today to an astronaut on the International Space Station, President Trump announced that he would like to send Democrats and members of the media to Mars by the end of his first term in office. When asked which Democrats he was referring to, the president said, “ALL of them.”

“They call themselves progressives, but nothing is holding this country back more than Democrats,” Trump told the astronaut. “Mars seems like a great place where they can go and live without the existence of constant racism, sexism, gender identity issues, and Islamophobia. Obama can be their king, and Hillary or Michelle can be their queen.

“It may or may not turn out to be utopia for them there, but it sure as hell would make life a lot better for the rest of us here. That, I can tell you. And NASA tells me that, ‘In space, no one can hear you bitch, moan, or blame the Russians.’ I know we could all use a break from that.”

Trump is proposing one-way tickets for journeys to the Red Planet. He also said Mars would provide Democrats with their ultimate safe space – literally, in space.


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