The Democrats’ First 100 Days

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Nationwide, the Democratic Party is in tatters with only 16 governors, 30 state legislative chambers, a historically low number of state legislative seats, 193 members of the House, and 46 senators.

Democratic voters despise President Trump, but this has not translated into wins in the special elections that have been held this year.

Despite American majorities siding against them, they are still dead set against enforcement of immigration laws and restrictions on abortion, while still supporting laws against firearms and carbon dioxide.

Democrat leadership has yet to rally behind any plan to fix Obamacare or an alternative to Trump’s tax proposal.

In Congress, Chuck Schumer’s obstruction of Trump’s appointments has been aggressive and unprecedented, but Trump’s cabinet is filling up anyway.

Schumer also screwed up bigly when he forced Republicans to end the filibuster for judicial appointments.  There are a LOT of federal judicial seats needing to be filled and the likelihood of another SCOTUS seat opening up soon is very high.  Without the filibuster, Democrats will have zero ability to prevent the entire federal judiciary from moving to the right.

Ain’t it grand?!


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