Gone Fishin’

Cold, cloudy, chance of rain…. meh.
They say a bad day fishing is better than a good day working. I wouldn’t know…I’ve never had a bad day fishing.

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  1. Ting

    Have fun! I am going to sit on a boat for several days myself. I don’t know if I will throw a line over, but I will have a crab net with me!

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  2. “Remember… when your GPS & fish locator we’re rolled in to one trusty unit called Grandpa?”

    Remember when “were” (past tense of is/are) didn’t have an apostrophe?

    Remember when “in to” like this usage was one word?

    Remember when they taught grammar and spelling?

    My internal 4th-grade English schoolmarm will not let me read something like that poster without cringing. And SO many of these otherwise-amusing posters are the less for such errors.

    OTOH, Never been a fisherman — my immediate ancestors being more into cattle — but I and a couple of other idiots did fish a giant lake in Washington (State) decades ago, where I caught a little trout that should’ve been thrown back, but it was all I had for breakfast. It stared at me from the frying pan, asking, “why?” To which I answered, “yum!”

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    • I had my first taste of trout when I was 19. My family never ate fish (other than tuna from a can) when I was growing up, because my dad didn’t like fish and my mom only cooked things that Daddy liked. I always just assumed fish must be gross. Then when I was 19, I went to France on a summer study-abroad program. One lovely evening after a long day of exploring historical sites (or whatever it was we were doing), we stopped at a restaurant for supper. The director of our group ordered supper for everyone, I suppose to keep it simple for the restaurant staff, so we didn’t actually get a choice in the matter. I was horrified when I saw the waiters bringing us dinner plates with trout on them. I was truly afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it down without gagging, but I didn’t want to be rude, so with trembling hand I hoisted my fork and dug in. OMG, it was heavenly. I don’t think I had ever tasted anything more delicious.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    I am so happy for you, Pete!!