Stilton Speaks

Stilton has two pieces up about Trump’s first 100 day and the press coverage thereof.  So go read the text that goes with these toons. You know you want to!

2017_04 26 Stilton - Border wall

2017_04 26 Stilton - Cerberus

2017_04 26 Stilton - 93 days

The one linked below includes a pdf of Stilton’s toons from Obama’s First 100 Daze, including this gem:

2009 Stilton - Matthew's Obama's Baby

I can’t stop giggling about this paragraph:

“As you’ll recall unless you drink as much as we do, Barack Obama spent the entirety of his first 100 days being fellated by the press, bowing to foreign potentates, making a famous “apology tour” to explain to foreigners how much our nation has always sucked, labeling military veterans as “potential terrorists,” incinerating taxpayer dollars with preposterous “stimulus programs” that only stimulated ACORN and other liberal evildoers and, most importantly, did all of these things while simultaneously being historically black. In stark contrast, Donald Trump has actually tried to accomplish things while being orange. But how has he fared?”

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