Doctor Admiral Ma’am

Rear Admiral Trent-Adams

President Trump has appointed Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams to the post of Acting Surgeon General.

Instead of applauding, Leftists are sneering that she is “just a nurse.”

Actually, she has a Ph.D. in nursing, so technically you could call her “Doctor Trent-Adams”, though I believe the correct form of address is “Admiral Trent-Adams.”

You could even call her “Ma’am”, since this is a proper and respectful address for a serving officer.

But whichever form you choose (or she prefers), the fact is that “just a nurse” is totally out of line.  She worked hard for her credentials and deserves to have them recognized.



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7 responses to “Doctor Admiral Ma’am

  1. ?? What libs are sneering? Just so happens the “libs” as you call them are well aware nurses have run military medical facilities since the 1980s, the USA mad a Nurse Corps Officer the SG back in 2011, and just so ya know…Always throwing crap to stir the pot and see where it lands. And you are very wrong – you would never mix the academic degree with a military rank. You could address her as ADM Trent-Adams (my preference) or Dr. Trent-Adams. USPHS is one of the 7 uniformed services of the US but is not a part of the DoD. STOP STIRRING THE POT!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I gave the link re: sneering. And I SAID that “Admiral” was the proper term. Try to read more carefully. Or, you know, go somewhere else. Clearly, this is not the right venue for you.


  2. So Trump appoints a woman, who appears to be a person of color, with a hyphenated last name, to a high government position and the left had nothing else to complain about?

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