A Nice Change of Pace

For eight years, Barack Obama virtually papered the world with his own image.  Every holiday featured yet another “Look At Me” image, regardless of who or what was being honored.  Inside the White House, the walls were covered with large framed photos of him and, in the History section of the White House website, paragraphs about Obama were added to the ends of other president’s biographies.

I am often reminded of how self-centered the previous president was whenever I watch a video of President Trump, who routinely hands the mic over to visitors to say whatever they want.  From the surprised reactions of some of these people, it is clear their comments are totally unscripted.

I was reminded of President Narcissist again today when I opened my 1600 Daily Email and saw the Photo of the Day.  I gotta say … it just makes a really NICE CHANGE, dontchathink?

2017_04 20 Patriots Photo of the Day

New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick delivers remarks during the team’s visit to the White House celebrating their Super Bowl LI victory on the South Lawn, Wednesday, April 19, 2017. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead).



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