Was this supposed to be funny?

2017_04 18 MSNBC Trump Tower tweet




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5 responses to “Was this supposed to be funny?

  1. You know a really funny line in such circumstances?

    “Then he deleted it.”

    * points to tweet on PoliNation *

    It’s right there!



    One of the replies was something like, almost sounds like he’s encouraging it.

    Gee, y’think?

    The regressives’ mad bloodthirst is in plain sight nowadays.

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  2. cth: “I’m confused. Do you mean Nance tweeted MY graphic?!”

    Sorry if I was confusing.

    No, I just meant, no take-backs on the InterWebz. Once it’s out there, someone will have captured it before one deletes one’s mistake. Streisand Syndrome and all that.


    Chrissy, while I’m here, your latest health report several days ago was just wonderful to read, in case I didn’t mention it. Milady and I consider your improvement a real answer to prayer. We’ll continue to add our 2¢ worth of best for you. 😀

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