NY Times FAKE NEWS: Patriot Edition

2017_04 19 NYT Fake News - Patriots WH
2017_04 19 NYT Fake News - Patriots corrected



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3 responses to “NY Times FAKE NEWS: Patriot Edition

  1. Guy on local talk radio show this morning was talking about NYT posting this misleading pic. He said the guy who posted it acknowledged that it was his mistake and took total blame. Anyone can make a mistake and he did and said so.

    Radio guy was saying the propagation of the #fakenews – at least in this instance – was actually on all the people who re-tweeted the original photo but not the correction (hundreds of retweets versus tens). Functionally tantamount to burying the correction on page B-64.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      The retweets of the original number I heard was 44,000 vs. tens. It’s nice the guy admitted his mistake, but it seems like this stuff happens almost daily, far too often for them to still be making excuses. The net result seems to always be that any correction (if there is one) is ignored by the thousands who gleefully retweeted the lie. One begins to suspect this is the motivation in them continuing to make such stupid “mistakes” while claiming to be “responsible journalists.”


      • chrissythehyphenated

        And I realize our side is guilty too, though less often. And I’m doing my best to chastise the guilty. Not sure if it makes a big difference, but the people who feed my Facebook Timeline seem to be a lot more careful than they used to be. 🙂


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