Pro-Abort Steals From Then Drives Into Catholic Priest

On April 8, 2017, Father Joseph Klee, a Parish Priest at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, was injured and almost run over by Michelle Davis, a local abortion clinic volunteer, after she stole Father Klee’s lawfully displayed anti-abortion signs from the public sidewalk.

The incident took place in front of Founder’s Women’s Center in Columbus, OH.

Video footage clearly depicts Ms. Davis stealing Father Klee’s pro-life signs and attempting to speed off with them. Ms. Davis injures Father Klee by almost running him over as he attempts to retrieve his property. Blood is clearly seen dripping from Father Klee’s hand.

Davis, a local abortion facility volunteer, has been charged with theft and with miscellaneous incident (assault).

You KNOW that if the roles had been reversed, this would have been ALL OVER THE MSM NEWS.  Instead, neither the abortion facility where this woman works nor the news media have had diddly to say.



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