And the award for stoopid goes to …

Leftie hate-tweeters who crowed inappropriately about QB Tom Brady not attending the White House with his team today to celebrate their Super Bowl win.

Brady, who endorsed Trump, cited “personal family matters.”  Here are the tweets:

  • Tom Brady won’t be visiting the White House with the Patriots. The “scorned Trump” tweets are going to be amazing!
  • Personal reasons = Trump is a treasonous, incompetent bigot!  Thank you Tom Brady.
  • Tom Brady had the very important previous engagement of not being photographed with a national disgrace treating him like his best friend.
  • Even Tom Brady doesn’t want to be seen with Trump.

This is what Brady himself had to say:

2017_04 19 Tom Brady's statement

As for his “personal family matters” … his mom has cancer.



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  1. Progressives leave much to be desired. They have no scruples. Praying for Brady, his mom and family.

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