He IS Risen!

If Jesus Christ did not live, die, and rise again FOR REAL, then Christianity is nothing more than an empty, false religion.  But history proves that He DID live, He WAS killed on the cross, and he DID rise again!

Charles Colson on Resurrection and Watergate

You don’t have to take any “blind leap” to believe in these fundamental claims of Christianity.  Study the evidence.  There’s plenty of it!


Six Things People Get Wrong About the Resurrection, by Carl E. Olson

  • “We really cannot know if Jesus even existed, never mind rose from the dead.”
  • “We cannot trust the accuracy of the Gospels, as they aren’t actual biographies but works of mythology.”
  • “The authors of the Gospels and the early disciples weren’t objective enough and were easily confused — especially when it comes to the Resurrection.”
  • “The disciples may have made up the Resurrection.”*
  • “The Resurrection cannot be proven in any way; it must be accepted entirely on faith.”
  • “Jesus’ body was not resurrected; the Resurrection is a spiritual event only.”

It’s a good article.  If you’re not familiar with these issues, I recommend you print it out and study it.

* The author says, “It is widely agreed that Jesus probably died in April of A.D. 30.”  He’s got the date wrong.  It should say A.D. 33.  (He started his public ministry in A.D. 30.)

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