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MSNBC Presents Reasons Trump’s Wall Is A Bad Idea:

1.  It would be useless in preventing the flood of illegal aliens.
2.  It would be a terrible obstacle to migratory animals, like birds and bats.

Trump agenda by Branco



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He’s MY President!

This is how a Commander-in-Chief is supposed to do things!

And speaking of North Korea … it seems that Russia is pretty cozy with Kim Young-Whacko and is not too excited about Trump’s attitude toward him.

So, Democrats, inquiring minds want to know:

Do you STILL think the Russkies fixed the election so they could have Trump in office?

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Maybe because it’s a felony?

Chris Matthews said, “That would be a good leak. Somebody at the IRS just leaking. I thought they were all liberals over there. Why doesn’t somebody just leak it?”

Pursuant to 26 US Code Sec. 7213, disclosing an individual’s return information is “a felony punishable upon conviction by a fine in any amount not exceeding $5,000, or imprisonment of not more than 5 years, or both.”

Howard Fineman suggested that IRS people haven’t leaked because “they might actually believe in the ethics of their job.”

Matthew just laughed.  Cuz, hey, what’s a felony or two if it would hurt a Republican president, right?


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A Pointless Post

Most of the junk I post has no central theme. Just little nuggets of information I pick up during my exciting days as a housebound retiree.

Pew: Paul Ryan’s approval as Speaker now lower than Boehner’s, Pelosi’s, or Newt Gingrich’s
How many different contributing factors are there for Ryan’s garbage numbers? I can think of at least four.

Contributing factor one: He was, of course, the quarterback for the GOP’s much-hated health-care bill, which was polling at a breezy 17 percent approval right before it went down in flames.

Contributing factor two: Unlike the other three former Speakers listed, Ryan’s a former VP nominee. The bigger a politician’s national profile, the stronger partisan feelings about him are likely to run.

Contributing factor three: Unlike Newt, Ryan is dealing with a divided party, one whose populist-nationalist wing regards him as little better than a Democrat

Contributing factor four: Cliche though it may be, we live in an age of high political polarization. A Republican as prominent as Ryan would have been a hate object for the left no matter what, but toss in his Romney pedigree and his Medicare-cutting ambitions and he’s doomed to pitiful numbers among Democrats.


My youngest daughter and I are political opposites.She spoke at a meeting for Cheri Bustos,a hardline leftwinger from Illinois.She spoke about how difficult it would be coping with the expenses for Tyler’s cancer without Obamacare.She posted a comment about Ryan being too chickenshit to have a townhall meeting.I pointed out we share the same disgust for this RINO creep,but for different reasons.He’s afraid to appear anywhere because the conservatives who resent his sabotaging the Trump agenda would voice their unhappiness.On nearly all other phases of politics we agree to disagree.

Variety magazine’s Co-Editor-in-Chief Claudia Eller, in a tweet promoting a new specialty issue, asked the public to answer this question about Chelsea Clinton, “How cool does Chelsea Clinton look on our Power of Women, NY, cover?

Clinton is one of six women featured individually on separate covers of the Variety specialty issue along with Jessica Chastain, Gayle King, Blake Lively, Audra McDonald and Shari Redstone
Supporting women who are menstruating & breastfeeding is critical to gender equality

Back in the Sixties, Beatles guitarist George Harrison knew how to react to such efforts to foist the Chelsea Clintons of the elite on the people:

Conservatives don’t hate a golfing President, but they hated an uppity negro golfing President
No President in American history has ever golfed more per week than Donald Trump. In his first 12 weeks in office Trump took a staggering 18 golf course trips. That’s unheard of. In his first 12 weeks in office, President Obama didn’t visit a single golf course. By the end of this year, it’s likely that Trump will have golfed more than President Obama has in his entire presidency.
The racist caricature of the “uppity negro” has deep roots in this country. Uppity negroes have irritated white folk for over a hundred years. In its most simple form, the uppity negro is a black man or woman who enjoys anything other than working from sunup to sundown. Particularly, an uppity negro is a black man or woman who enjoys creature comforts in life that some whites may not yet be able to afford to enjoy — say a musical, a play, fine dining, or, you guessed it, a round of golf.


Supreme Court won’t hear case challenging government’s expedited removal of undocumented immigrants
Lawyers for the families sought to challenge their expedited removal proceedings in federal court arguing they face gender-based violence at home, but a Philadelphia-based federal appeals court held that they have no right to judicial review of such claims.

The court’s action means the government can continue to deny asylum seekers placed in expedited removal a chance to have their cases heard by federal court. Justice Neil Gorsuch, who has his first full week on the court starting Monday, did not participate in the decision.




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He IS Risen!

If Jesus Christ did not live, die, and rise again FOR REAL, then Christianity is nothing more than an empty, false religion.  But history proves that He DID live, He WAS killed on the cross, and he DID rise again!

Charles Colson on Resurrection and Watergate

You don’t have to take any “blind leap” to believe in these fundamental claims of Christianity.  Study the evidence.  There’s plenty of it!


Six Things People Get Wrong About the Resurrection, by Carl E. Olson

  • “We really cannot know if Jesus even existed, never mind rose from the dead.”
  • “We cannot trust the accuracy of the Gospels, as they aren’t actual biographies but works of mythology.”
  • “The authors of the Gospels and the early disciples weren’t objective enough and were easily confused — especially when it comes to the Resurrection.”
  • “The disciples may have made up the Resurrection.”*
  • “The Resurrection cannot be proven in any way; it must be accepted entirely on faith.”
  • “Jesus’ body was not resurrected; the Resurrection is a spiritual event only.”

It’s a good article.  If you’re not familiar with these issues, I recommend you print it out and study it.

* The author says, “It is widely agreed that Jesus probably died in April of A.D. 30.”  He’s got the date wrong.  It should say A.D. 33.  (He started his public ministry in A.D. 30.)

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The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Another Tuesday….another special election…..another pathetic display by a political party so desperate for any kind of positive news they’ll pour $10 million into a House race for a seat the republicans have held for 40 years. Tom Price was appointed HHS director by President Trump and this was his seat. After the democrats congratulated themselves by “only” losing a special election last week in Kansas by 8 points they really, really hope to win this one. It’s an open election where if no one candidate wins 51% of the vote the top two have a runoff. 80-90% of the cash poured in to this election is from outside sources. Around the webs:

Trump raises the stakes in GA special election today
Welcome to another Tuesday, another special election, and another opportunity for speculation about whether Donald Trump and Republicans are really in trouble this time. Voters in Georgia’s 6th District go to the polls today for the all-in primary that pits 18 candidates against each other to replace Tom Price, now Health and Human Services Secretary for the Trump administration. Democrats have poured over eight million dollars into the race, and have to hope that Jon Ossoff will get to 50% today to avoid the runoff:
It’s a foregone conclusion that Ossoff will win a plurality today. The Republican vote will get split among eleven candidates. Democrats hoped to get a massive turnout from their side in today’s race to get to the 50% mark, which is why so much cash has flowed into a House special election. Unfortunately for them, Ossoff hasn’t polled outside of the low 40s in the R+8 district, so that strategy required Republicans to sit at home — or to have Democrats turn out in massive numbers. In a special election, that could happen, and might catch Republicans napping.

Democrats throw millions, Hollywood punch into Georgia House race

Democrats are pumping millions into the Georgia congressional election set for Tuesday, hoping a 30-year-old political upstart who’s attracting star power can deliver a rebuke to President Trump and help the party reclaim lost momentum.

Hollywood has even come out for the off-cycle vote, with actor Samuel L. Jackson cutting a radio ad urging voters to flip the seat once held by Republican Tom Price, who is now Trump’s health secretary.


Hopeful ABC: Special Election Win Could Mean ‘Real Chance’ Dems Take Congress
The journalists on Monday’s Good Morning America excitedly predicted that a special election in April of 2017, 18 months before the midterm elections, could mean a “real chance Democrats take back Congress in 2018.” Discussing Democrat John Osoff’s chances in Tuesday’s Georgia House race, Matt Dowd enthused: “Can he win it without a runoff? If a Democrat wins that district in Georgia, there’s real chance Democrats could take back Congress in 2018.”


Heavy Funding for Dem Jon Ossoff Catches Republicans Flat-Footed in Georgia Special Election

A highly energized effort by the Democrats that has raised more than $8.9 million from around the country for thirty-year-old Jon Ossoff has caught the Republican leadership napping .
This puts the young Democrat within striking distance of the 50 percent plus one he needs to win the crowded Sixth Congressional District special election “jungle primary” in Georgia to replace Republican Tom Price, now Secretary of Health and Human Services, outright on Tuesday.

CBS Hypes Young Democrat in Georgia Primary, ‘Hopes’ Are ‘Invested’ in Him

It’s not the first time CBS had thrown its weight behind a candidate just before a close election. In the run up to the 2016 presidential election, CBS touted Clinton’s ‘Get Out the Vote’ efforts in early voted Iowa. “Early access to the polls in Iowa was not lost on the Clinton campaign today,” Pelley touted back in September. Just a few days before the 2016 election, Pelley was greatly concerned that African-Americans wouldn’t turnout in the numbers needed for Clinton to beat Trump.

Trump Enters the Fray of Georgia Special Election, Attacks ‘Super Liberal Democrat’ Ossoff

Ossoff is a former congressional staffer for Rep. Hank Johnson (D, Ga.) (YOU KNOW,THE DUMBASS WHO SAID GUAM WOULD TIP OVER IF EVERYBODY WENT TO ONE SIDE OF THE ISLAND), who once compared Jewish settlers in the West Bank to “termites.” Ossoff has touted his national security credentials on the campaign trail, initially claiming he spent five years as a national security staffer with Johnson with access to classified information. The candidate later admitted he had misrepresented his record, only working as a full-time aide for about half that time while holding a security clearance for his final five months of the job.


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It Is Legal To Kill This Baby In Only Seven Nations

What kind of barbaric nations allow abortionists to legally slaughter perfectly formed, viable, unborn infants?

31 weeks

  • China
  • North Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Singapore
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • United States

My grandson was born at 35 weeks.  He went home from the hospital after only 8 days.


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ISIS Is Radically Islamic

Jesuit Father Samir Khalil Samir, professor of Islamic studies at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome, says it is false to say terror attacks have nothing to do with Islam.

ISIS is the application of what is taught. It’s not outside Islam, or something invented. No, they are applying Islam. When we hear it has nothing to do with Islam — that it means salaam; that it means peace — this is all false. It’s not true. ISIS is not doing anything which is neither in the Quran nor in the Mohammedan tradition.”

The original meaning of the word radical is going to the roots, the origin, the essentials. Radical and radish both come from the Latin, radix, meaning root.

Radical Muslim v Radical Catholic PN

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