Health Update

I’ve been doing so well with my daily routine of half mile walks and 100 reps with my little barbell, that I have added 5 minutes of yoga stretches and however long I can manage out in the yard (or cleaning my fish tank if it’s raining).

Yesterday, I worked 20 minutes in the yard before I crashed. This is so amazing to me!

The apple tree is budding, which has reminded me that it has been literally YEARS since I felt well enough to step outside during apple blossom season to smell that most heavenly aroma.

YEARS! To go down a half dozen steps and ten feet out the front door. Forget the mail box across the street. I NEVER got there. In ten years.

But THIS YEAR, I’m going to be out under that tree every single day, just breathing.  Photo of our tree in bloom by Warrior Princess.

Apple tree in bloom by KBC NICE

For April, I upped my Cordyceps to 3 per day and added Chaga back in. (I took each separately for a couple of months to make sure I tolerated them.)  I also switched my iron to a much more bio-available brand.  I think it’s all paying off.

“Many experts consider [chaga] to be one of the most potent natural foods for autoimmune diseases. … it is also considered an adaptogen. Adaptogens help keep your body in balance, by making sure all systems aren’t going into overdrive. By keeping a quiet balance in your body, you are better able to cope with stressful situations.”



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  1. I love the picture of apple blossoms! So happy to hear that you are able to get outside and enjoy the springtime. 🙂

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  2. I pray for your continued improving health.this blog would be nothing without you.