Why “Tolerant” Leftists Are So Intolerant


The article linked below is worth printing out to study carefully.  Briefly, it says that, while tolerance is a virtue, all of the virtues are interdependent and people nowadays aren’t being formed in all of them.

The Left promotes tolerance in isolation from other important virtues like justice, temperance, courage, and prudence.

Thus, they lack the wisdom necessary to avoid the two extremes of tolerance:

  • Softheadedness: Putting up with something we should suppress.
  • Narrowmindedness: Suppressing something we should put up with.

For example, they put up with militant Islam, while suppressing peaceful Christianity.  Likewise, they excuse bad behavior in Democrats, while condemning much less heinous acts in Republicans.

The Illusion of Moral Neutrality by J. Budziszewski


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