An Excellent (and Appalling) Example of Softheadedness

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Earlier this month in Twin Falls, Idaho, three Muslim refugees — a seven-year-old Iraqi boy, plus 14-year-old and 10-year-old Sudanese boys — pleaded guilty to serious felony charges related to their assault last June on a disabled five-year-old girl.

After cornering her in the laundry room of their apartment complex, they stripped her clothes off, sexually assaulted her, then urinated all over her body and in her mouth.  As she struggled to escape, they taunted and laughed at her, all the while videotaping the attack.

A retired nurse stopped the assault, which could have been much worse had she not intervened.

Because it reflected badly on the Obama refugee resettlement program, the MSM rushed to denigrate those who were outraged by the attack and an Obama administration official threatened to prosecute private citizens who discussed the crime.

Then, just days after the boys pleaded guilty, the city council voted UNANIMOUSLY to approve a resolution declaring Twin Falls a “welcoming city” for refugees.



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3 responses to “An Excellent (and Appalling) Example of Softheadedness

  1. jbob45

    “Softheadedness”? Has Polination tempered its standard for outrage or did MSM threaten it with libel?

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  2. If that little girl had been my daughter or granddaughter, those boys would be dead, because my husband would have shot them.