Why bother indeed

DOG did it

From Mary Chastain at Legal Insurrection:

The MSM sucks so bad. I mean HORRIBLE. In prepared remarks to border agents, Sessions called cartels and criminals filth. It’s PLAIN AS DAY.

“But no, they immediately see filth and assume he means immigrants in general. Today that same media had to eat crow and admit their mistake. Well, only one basically did and of course, his apology didn’t receive 1/10 the attention his accusation received.

“Then the journalists whined and moaned when Tillerson ditched his press pool when he met with Putin. SEE MY ABOVE COMMENT. Again, if the MSM did their damn job they wouldn’t run into this problem.

“Then everyone complains about transparency. The administration cannot be transparent if the MSM distorts and twists everything that comes out of their mouths. Give me a break.

“I have NO problem with Tillerson ditching the press pool. They won’t do their job properly anyway so why bother?

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