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The Russians Didn’t Do It


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The Trumps Win Again

2017_04 13 Defamation suit

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Obama’s Lies

Obama's lies

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Why bother indeed

DOG did it

From Mary Chastain at Legal Insurrection:

The MSM sucks so bad. I mean HORRIBLE. In prepared remarks to border agents, Sessions called cartels and criminals filth. It’s PLAIN AS DAY.

“But no, they immediately see filth and assume he means immigrants in general. Today that same media had to eat crow and admit their mistake. Well, only one basically did and of course, his apology didn’t receive 1/10 the attention his accusation received.

“Then the journalists whined and moaned when Tillerson ditched his press pool when he met with Putin. SEE MY ABOVE COMMENT. Again, if the MSM did their damn job they wouldn’t run into this problem.

“Then everyone complains about transparency. The administration cannot be transparent if the MSM distorts and twists everything that comes out of their mouths. Give me a break.

“I have NO problem with Tillerson ditching the press pool. They won’t do their job properly anyway so why bother?

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“Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons.”

The Left has been having kittens over Sean Spicer’s comment that Hitler did not use chemical weapons.

He, of course, meant that Hitler had not used them on the battlefield (which Germany did do in WWI) nor had he used them on his own citizens (which Saddam Hussein did in Iraq and Assad has done in Syria).

But the Holocaust!  How INSENSITIVE can you get!!

Well, here is how “insensitive” you can get.  Chris Matthews said the EXACT SAME THING in 2013 and NOBODY HAD KITTENS OVER IT.

2013: Chris Matthews says Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons

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Snowflake Filter

During the summer of 2012, Chick-Fil-A founder Dan Cathy was quoted in the Baptist Press as saying he was “guilty as charged” when it came to believing in the biblical definition of the family unit.

Since then, the Left has engaged in anti-Chick-Fil-A boycotts, vandalism, performance art, viral freak-outs, and even an attempted mass shooting.

The latest absurdity comes from the student government at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh which fears that Chick-fil-A’s plan to open an outlet on campus will put students’ campus “safe space” at risk.

Meanwhile, another defender of the biblical family unit, Vice President Mike Pence, is scheduled to deliver the commencement address at Notre Dame next month.  Some students are protesting, saying he makes them “feel unsafe.”

Brit Hume tweeted: “Before long, these children will have to live in the real world.”

To which American Pie tweeted: “Can you imagine having to HIRE one of these emotional idiots? I shudder to think. Employers will need a ‘snowflake’ filter.”

This gave me an idea for job interviewers everywhere who want to avoid hiring snowflakes, without taking the risk of asking questions that could get them sued.

Plant some Chick-Fil-A bags in the trash can.

This simple device should trigger visible anxiety in anyone you really don’t want to hire by accident.

Chick-Fil-A in trash

If you really want to up the ante, add framed photos of President Trump and Vice President Pence along with an American flag or two.  🙂



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My Lenten Discipline

Success trains Failure complains

It’s almost Easter and I think this may be the first Lent that I actually kept up with my Lenten discipline!  I decided that every day I would find something to throw away (or toss in the recycle), find something to give away, and find something to organize and/or clean.  Even on my worst days, I managed to meet this goal, even if it was with very small things that didn’t take a lot of thinking or energy to deal with.  The house is getting uncluttered and cleaner and I am SO PROUD OF ME!  It’s so easy and satisfying, I’m going to keep it up after Easter, which I remember a priest telling us was the point of a Lenten discipline … to make it a HABIT that endures. 🙂

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