Foot in Mouth Day

2017_03 Trump accused media of bias

Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that Hitler never used chemical weapons.  Likely, he was thinking that Hitler never used chemical weapons on the battlefield (which Germany did do in WWI) or that he had never used them against innocent German civilians (as Saddam Hussein did in Iraq and Assad did in Syria).

But given that Hitler most assuredly used chemical weapons to gas millions of Jews, Poles, and other “eugenically unfit” members of the European population, Spicer’s comment has sparked a HUGE backlash.

Of less interest to the Left Stream is the fact that the very elderly Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg referred to Senator Lindsey Graham as one of the women of the Senate. 

Call me cynical, but I’m inclined to think that if the first error had been made by Obama’s Press Secretary and the second by one of the conservative SCOTUS justices, the MSM and Democrat spittle spewing would be exactly reversed.

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  1. jbob45

    And choking on their own sputum. Fitting.

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