Syrians cheer “Abu Ivanka al Amriki”

Syrians are tweeting enthusiastic thanks to “Abu Ivanka al Amriki”, which means “Father of Ivanka, the American.”

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As a Syrian and Assad chemical weapons massacre survivor I want to thank @POTUS for striking the dictator, you gave us hope god bless u Sir!
— kassem Eid (@QZakarya) April 7, 2017

Mr @POTUS thank you so much for Striking the murderer #Assad I survived the 2013 #CW massacre, please hit him again and harder, God bless u
— kassem Eid (@QZakarya) April 7, 2017

As a Syrian refugee, I never imagined that I’d say this: Thanks @realDonaldTrump for bombing the regime who displaced me, please do more.
— Milad Kawas Cale (@miladkawas) April 7, 2017

As a #Syria-n citizen who had to flee his own country because of a brutal regime, I cannot hold my happiness in bombing #Assad’s Air Force
— Mazen Gharibah (@MazenGharibah) April 7, 2017

One Syrian tells me the new nom de guerre for President Trump on the ground in Northern Syria is Abu Ivanka al Amriki. #syria
— Clarissa Ward (@clarissaward) April 7, 2017

Syrian activist texts me: “Finally thank God!!!!”
— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) April 7, 2017

I was on phone with #QusaiZakarya, who survived 2013 #chemical attack, when he learned #Trump action: “I’ll name my son Donald. Hero.”#Syria
— Ruth Sherlock (@Rsherlock) April 7, 2017


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  1. jbob45

    Hey kids, quiz time!
    Two red lines – one in invisible ink, the other in permanent marker. Two men – Barry, The Donald.
    Connect the line with the man.
    3,2,1 go!

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