As my long-time readers will remember, I did not like Donald Trump.  My first choice was Carly Fiorina.  When she dropped out, I switched to Ted Cruz.  It was only when Cruz dropped out and endorsed Trump and then Trump became Hillary-the-Unacceptable’s opponent that I got on board with voting Trump without puking.

I want to take a moment today to apologize to those of you who saw his value and his virtures long before I did.  You were right.

The photo below reminds me of the time Obama had beer in the Rose Garden with a black Harvard professor and the white police officer Obama had slandered on national television.  The facts showed that the professor had behaved atrociously and that the cop had followed procedure in arresting him.

In one of the photos from the “beer summit”, Obama is shown striding on ahead by himself, while the “racist cop” courteously assists the lame professor down the steps.

That photo told me a lot about Obama, just as this one tells me a lot about Trump.

2017_04 Trump touches face of double amputee


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