The Passing of an Original

One of the aspects of growing old,I’ve found,is that you can get away with being sarcastic to people and they think you’re kidding.Frank Sinatra discovered Don Rickles while he was doing comedy in night clubs,trying to finance a career as a serious actor.What evolved was a comic,legendary for his sharp-witted barbs at people in the audience.It was all in good fun and no one was offended.He didn’t care about your race,ethnicity or who your daddy was.He made millions doing his act in Las Vegas where patrons all hoped he would pick on them.
He was a regular on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts.This was during a time when comedy did not have to depend on toilet humor and sexual innuendo.They were just howlingly funny.One of his favorites was Ronald Reagan…before and after he became president.

Don Rickles: Performing for President Reagan Was the ‘Highlight of My Life’
Comedian Don Rickles, who passed away Thursday at age 90, in May of 2014 told David Letterman, on the Late Show, that “the highlight of my life was doing the Ronald Reagan Inaugural.”

As Ronald and Nancy Reagan sat in the front row, he concluded his five-minute set by praising President Reagan: “You’re a great gentleman and a great credit to the country.” The same could be said about Rickles.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Tribute to Don Rickles

Don Rickles – Some of my favorite Don Rickles moments

I can just see Rickles doing his schtick for Saint Peter:
Hiya,Saint;I’ve been dying to get in here,so here I am!
Nice sandals….Payless or Walmart?
Here I am surrounded by Jews.Which one owns the pawn shop?
I didn’t have change coming through the Pearly Gates…I’ll have to owe you.

It’s early…that’s all I can come up with on short notice.

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