Slime Stream Media Declares Rice Scandal FAKE NEWS

Fox News reported it and social media and conservative news sites are on it.

The MSM … not so much.

  • The New York Times pushed it to Page A16 with the headline “Trump tries to deflect Russia scrutiny, citing a crooked scheme by Obama.”
  • The Washington Post didn’t mention it at all.
  • ABC and NBC both chose to ignore the story on Monday evening, then gave minimal coverage on Tuesday morning, when they defended the Obama administration.  [Rice is married to ABC Executive Producer Ian Cameron so no surprise there.]
  • CBS cited unnamed sources who said there was nothing wrong with what Rice had done.
  • CNN’s Don Lemon also stressed that the Trump team was not surveilled or spied on “illegally.”

Well … yes.  There was nothing ILLEGAL about the surveillance or the unmasking.  But there’s a long road between illegal and WRONG.

2017_04 05 Susan Rice

Susan Rice abused the power of her office to help get Hillary elected.

CNN’s Don Lemon said that covering the story would “insult your intelligence” and “aid and abet the people who are trying to misinform you, the American people.”


I mean … never mind that if it had been a Republican administration doing the unmasking, these media whores would be spewing spittle and outrage.  Why should we listen to, much less BELIEVE these people after they spent MONTHS insulting our intelligence about Russia?!



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4 responses to “Slime Stream Media Declares Rice Scandal FAKE NEWS

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    When people think about Obama crony Susan Rice, they tend to remember her lying her rear end off about Benghazi, or declaring that military deserter Bowe Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction.”

    But what we hope she’s remembered for in the future will be a felony conviction for her apparent role in the surveillance of Donald Trump and his transition team. Hey, hope springs eternal at Stilton’s Place!

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    • Pistol Pete

      If called to speak before a congressional committee,she will smile and extend a middle digit.If subpoenaed,she will cite national security and will say nothing.That’s part of the reason I don’t post much anymore.Democrats commit felonies and walk away untouched.I’m sick of it.