President Trump donates first quarter salary

He said he was going to donate his salary and he has done it.

2017_04 03 Trump donates salary

Once upon a time. Barack Obama visited the Senator Obama Secondary School in Kogelo, Kenya.  He was greeted like a hero.

He was shown the school with its total of four dilapidated classrooms which lacked water, sanitation, and electricity.  The students — about a third of them orphans — sang songs in his honor.

He was given a proposal showing how, for only $98,000, the school could get a perimeter fence, a science laboratory, new classrooms, a dining hall, running water, and latrines.

He announced to the press that he would assist the school.

In the 12 years since Obama came to Washington, he has made $20 million.  He has donated nothing to the dilapidated Kenyan school.



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