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President Trump donates first quarter salary

He said he was going to donate his salary and he has done it.

2017_04 03 Trump donates salary

Once upon a time. Barack Obama visited the Senator Obama Secondary School in Kogelo, Kenya.  He was greeted like a hero.

He was shown the school with its total of four dilapidated classrooms which lacked water, sanitation, and electricity.  The students — about a third of them orphans — sang songs in his honor.

He was given a proposal showing how, for only $98,000, the school could get a perimeter fence, a science laboratory, new classrooms, a dining hall, running water, and latrines.

He announced to the press that he would assist the school.

In the 12 years since Obama came to Washington, he has made $20 million.  He has donated nothing to the dilapidated Kenyan school.


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First Lady Trump’s official portrait has been released

2017_04 First Lady Trump's official portrait

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GUESS who’s behind unmasking of Trump Team members

Susan Rice.   Yup, the same person who, while serving as Obama’s ambassador to the U.N.,  went on television and repeatedly LIED to the American people about Benghazi.  Shortly thereafter, Obama promoted her to National Security Adviser.  Fancy that.

June 2013: Susan Rice’s Infamous Sunday Blame Benghazi On Youtube Video – Hannity

On dozens of occasions, National Security Adviser Rice requested the UNMASKING of the identities of U.S. persons connected to the Trump team.*

*When someone is a target of electronic eavesdropping, he or she is usually talking with someone else.  The identities of non-target Americans are supposed to be MASKED with a pseudonym like “U.S. Person One” to protect their privacy. 

March 2017: Nunes: Trump Team Communications Captured by Intel Community

When a conversation has national security implications, the National Security Adviser has the legal right to request unmasking.  But the conversations Rice asked to be unmasked had NOTHING to do with Russia or any other national security issue and EVERYTHING to do with election year partisan politics.

The unmasked names of people associated with Donald Trump were also sent to Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan, Susan Rice’s deputy Ben Rhodes, and others at the National Security Council and Defense Department.


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Must Go!

My governor announced that there was no room in our state for pro-lifers.  S’funny … I’ve been here my whole life and it’s always seemed plenty roomy enough.
Must Go toon

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Lenten Refresher

If you’re walking with the Lord, you should be growing in these virtues.

12 Fruits of Holy Spirit

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Now I KNOW ya’all need a good belly laugh!

You know that look!

You’re welcome!


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Monday Smiles

Alas, my beloved Cubbies lost last night. So much for a perfect season.

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Worker of Mercy

2017_03 IHOP


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The Party of Tolerance?

DNC Chair Tom Perez announces, “Republicans don’t give a s**t about people”, and the audience cheers.

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She was one of Las Vegas’ top prostitutes until the cocaine, the abortions, and the abuse caught up with her.  That’s when she met Jesus.

The founder of Hookers for Jesus talks about her life and her new book, “Fallen.”  Hookers For Jesus is an outreach on the Las Vegas strip to sex trafficking victims and sex industry ladies.


Father's job

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