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Anti-Gas Pipeline Activists Need Gas Money

Pipeline protesters

Anti-pipeline activists squatting  in West Texas have set up a donation page … because they need gas money to relocate to Kansas.

Demonstrators hoped to use DAPL-style tactics against Trans-Pecos … cuz we all know how well THAT worked!

The pipeline is due to open in the next week or so.  Once the gas start flowing, gas prices should come down.


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Company introduces ‘snowflake test’ to weed out ‘whiny, entitled’ millenial candidates

From The Independent.

A US company has introduced a “snowflake test” to weed out overly sensitive, liberal candidates who are too easily offended.

The test includes questions such as “What does America mean to you?” and “When was the last time you cried and why?” Many questions are designed to assess a candidate’s stance on America, police, and guns.

Someone who’s not proud to be an American is immediately out of the running, as are people who don’t support the Second Amendment right to bear arms, said Kyle Reyes, who created the test.

“A snowflake is somebody who is going to whine and complain and come to the table with nothing but an entitled attitude and an inability to back their perspective,” Mr Reyes told Fox News.

“We use the test to weed out the sort of people who were inundating us with resumés and didn’t even know what we did.”

Mr Reyes said the tactic had been successful — 60 per cent of applicants to his marketing company drop out when they hear about it. 

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Saturate Yourself in Scripture

Pope Ben XV - saturate in the Bible

I haven’t been sleeping well and am feeling really dragged low today.  But my Bible reading today included James 1:12.  It helped a lot to be reminded that I don’t have to be happy or productive. I just have to not be a bitch about how bad I feel!  LOL

James 1 12


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Doggy Funnies

Not going to post much anymore; still have files with hundreds of images that I’ll never use. Might as well make a little use of them.

The WORLD CHAMPION CHICAGO CUBS open the regular season tonight, so there’s that.

That’s enough wasted bandwidth for one day.


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Funniest thing I’ve seen in ages!


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FOX: Trump Surveilled Before Nomination

2017_03 Obama Cable Guy

A Friday breaking Fox News report said that surveillance of President Trump’s team began even before he became the Republican presidential nominee.

The report also said it had nothing to do with Russia or national security, and everything to do with embarrassing Trump and his team.


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