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On Tuesday, California’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, slapped two undercover investigators from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) with a whopping FIFTEEN felony charges.

Over the years, Becerra has received thousands of dollars from Planned Parenthood and other abortion activists.

If you recall, it was CMP that exposed Planned Parenthood’s baby parts selling business, which instigated a Congressional investigation that has put PP’s federal funding in jeopardy.

Those shown in the videos illegally haggling over the price of dead baby parts have yet to be charged.


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  1. David French:

    “California’s case not only fails on the merits, it reeks of selective prosecution. There is no shortage of examples of concealed-camera videos in California exposing scandalous behavior (the Federalist’s Sean Davis has been tweeting them since the indictment), often in the arena of animal rights. In 2014, a group called Mercy for Animals released an undercover video that ‘allegedly show[ed] widespread animal abuse and cruelty at one of California’s largest duck farms.’ Authorities reportedly responded to the video — by investigating the farm.

    “In 2015, the same group released yet another undercover video, this time exposing ‘apparent mistreatment of chickens at a Foster Farms poultry slaughterhouse in Fresno and at three poultry farms in Fresno County.’ Once again, authorities responded — once again by investigating the farm.

    “But the lives and deaths of chickens and ducks rate higher than the lives and deaths of human babies in the womb, so the Center for Medical Progress triggered an entirely different law-enforcement reaction. Pro-life journalists must be prosecuted.”